At FLOOD AD, we work with you through the entire insurance process. We ensure the damage to your home is corrected with only the BEST products available and recommended for your home, even when your insurance company doesn’t want to pay for it! Our estimators work to minimize your claim and reduce the bottom line, without compromising quality. We make sure that all damage is known by your insurance company. FLOOD AD is dedicated to insurance restoration, handling both Residential and Commercial Restoration projects. We also work with homeowners seeking self-pay options.


Our Process

Choosing a restoration company, especially after a storm, can be a challenge. There are dozens of restoration companies to choose from. Then comes dealing with your insurance company – which might deny any damage coverage. FLOOD AD makes the process simple for our customers.

A FLOOD AD professional inspects your home. We start with a comprehensive inspection and record descriptions and pictures of all damages to your home. Some of the things we look for are obvious, like the presence of standing water, bulging ceiling or missing shingles. Less noticeable things, like whether your walls have absorbed water, if mold is present and affected structural materials, should always be checked.

We mitigate any damage. When your home experiences a disaster, it’s important to ensure steps are taken to identify the cause and (if applicable) prevent further damage. This critical step minimizes loss and reduces potential risk to your health. During flooding, for example, water must be extracted, the area must be promptly dried and any water damaged or contaminated material must be removed.

We meet with your insurance adjuster. Our estimators are very knowledgeable of the insurance process and make sure your insurance company is giving you everything you deserve. Our estimators are proficient in all current local building codes and work diligently to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

We gain approval from your insurance. Once your job is approved, a check and “Loss Sheet” will be issued to you. This is your estimate, and even if it’s substantially under retail (as most insurance companies are), we will work with you to restore anything your insurance company is not going to pay for. We will also help you through getting an endorsement from your mortgage company (if applicable) and pull all state and local permits that may be required during the restoration process.

We commence work on your home. Our highly experienced crews begin restoration work. We make sure that the project is completed in a timely manner so that your life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

What Sets Us Apart

We are with you every step of the way – from inspection, to adjuster correspondence, insurance approval, to job completion. We specialize in ensuring that you receive all you are covered for, and that your home is returned to at least its pre-loss condition.