Trust Ogden’s 24/7 BOARD UP EXPERTS to protect your home after a fire

To allow the water to reach fires burning inside homes fire fighters will break windows, cut holes into the roof and walls, and saturate the whole structure with thousands of gallons of water. Flood ads 24/7 Board up will be on site with in one hour. We will secure your home and extract the water, protecting your home and valuables from further damage, and work with your insurance company to get your home back to pre-fire condition fast.

How we do it.



Flood Ads 24/7 BOARD UP  arrives at the site with in one hour, and begins to coordinate with the fire authorities to create our plan of action untile the fire is being extinguished and the site is deemed safe.

Ogden Utah Storage Unit Fire


Once the area has been deemed safe our 24/7 BOARD UP experts will begin extracting all of the water that remains from extinguishing the fire, Minimizing the damaging effects of water to the remaining structure.

Burned interior of the old historical mansion in Astrakhan.


Boarding up all of the windows, doors, holes in walls and roof is essential to protecting your home from further damage by the elements and vandalism. Our 24/7 BOARD UP experts will make sure your home is properly boarded up and protected. 

Then trust Flood ads smoke and fire restoration to get you home to pre-fire condition fast.


Insurance help.

We will work with you insurance to create a comprehensive plan of action to restore your home, and possessions to pre-fire condition.

Aufräumarbeiten nach Dachstuhlbrand 3

Remove soot and smoke odors

After every thing that is salvageable has been removed, the nest step is to remove the soot and smoke odors at there source. Our highly trained technicians use industry leading equipment, and techniques to clean up the damage, and minimize further contamination.

dry wall


Flood Ads fire restoration experts work with all insurance company to get your home and possessions to pre-fire condition fast. Our experts will be there through the whole process keeping everything coordinated and you informed.

Call Flood Ad (801) 624-6978 Utah’s trusted 24/7 FIRE DAMAGE RESPONSE and RESTORATION to get your home back to pre-fire condition fast.

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When time counts count on FLOOD AD’S 24/7 RESPONSE Utah’s trusted disaster experts! We take care of the problem and get your home back to pre-disaster condition fast!



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